Technology is a key enabler in forestry and its use is accelerating. At Silvalytics we aid our clients identify and deploy an appropriate mix of sufficiently mature technologies that delivers tangible results.

Examples of the areas we cover include:


  • Remsoft toolset
  • Internet and mobile mapping solutions
  • GIS/Spatial data handling and analysis
  • Database design and implementation
  • Mobile apps for forest management
  • Airborne LiDAR for forestry


  • Optimised operational planning
  • Audit of operations such as thinning
  • Audit of field data capture accuracy
  • Field survey for timber sale
  • Timber tree quality assessment and cross-cut optimisation

Yield Class Ready Reckoner for Microsoft Excel©

For forestry professionals our Yield Class Ready Reckoner is an add-in for Excel that allows General Yield Class to be estimated based on top height and age for a number of species. It is based on British Forestry Commission Yield Tables. Here, Colin McGuane gives a short demonstration.