Forest management planning

Forestry is a long term asset, with timber and associated values accumulating slowly. With slow growth brings a certain lack of responsiveness; an incorrectly timed or specified thinning can damage the future of a forest and can takes years to put right. At the age of potential clearfell we need to know that the crop is ready for market, but how much growth and value would be put on if we waited another year? Does that increase beat the cost of capital? What are the interactions between our wood production and other objectives, such as landscape sensitivity and environmental protection?

At Silvalytics we can help your decision making all the way from stand to estate level and give you greatly enhanced visibility on the consequences of choices you make. Read more about our estate modelling approach here.


Prediction of future forest output is vital from a valuation perspective. In many cases we can alter management prescriptions to meet specific owner or investor objectives, thereby directly determining future timber flows. In other cases, such as when forecasting potential outputs at a sectoral level we apply rules and simulation modelling to best predict the likely future timber flows.

In either scenario, Silvalytics can provide this service, and the outputs used to drive processing or contractor infrastructure planning, wood mobilisation efforts, national or owner-level carbon accounting. We often use Remsoft tools and estate modelling techniques to compile these forecasts.


Tactical and operational planning

In modern forest management wood processing capabilities, timber product prices, storm damage, competitor behaviour and regulatory impacts are constantly changing the business landscape. The ready reckoners that applied in past years are no longer appropriate.

At Silvalytics we guide organisations to add value in their current operating environment using estate modelling software. By applying formal but user friendly systems and structures strategy can become a reality. Together with our partner Remsoft, we implement 'state of the art' tactical and operational planning tools to support our clients and their planners.