Our external partners

We aim to source partners who are 'best in class' in their field while remaining true to our core purpose of 'evidence based forestry'. We want to see our clients gain new and valuable insights into their resource: what is its current state and what is its true potential: what value drivers are at play and what may be acting as a constraint against realising that potential.

 The partners below are true exponents of analytics and insight as a driver of higher outcomes:

'In-house' partners

While external partners are vital we feel our most important partnership is with our own staff. We aim to employ directly rather than engage sub-contractors: this builds a culture of personal development, teamwork and freedom to be creative in solving client issues that is absent in many consultancies. Our aim is for Silvalytics to be a great place to seek out new challenges, enjoy life and develop as a professional.

Another part of our story is the Galway location, which has some nice qualities and recent accolades:

  • Ireland's fastest growing city
  • Top micro European city of the future (fDi Magazine, 2014/2015)
  • The friendliest city in the world (Travel + Leisure, 2015)
  • Home to many ICT multinationals and high-growth startups
  • One of five global hubs in the medtech sector
  • Easy access to an international airport at Shannon